Doctors - Season 10 Episode 129 : Miss Letherbridge (2019)

Doctors - Season 10 Episode 129 : Miss Letherbridge (2019)

Fiona is recovering from a bad accident, and has entered a local beauty contest. Melody is not sure that it is a good idea, and becomes even less sure when she meets her rival Dixie, who is an old hand at such contests. The girls wage war against each other, and Melody is horrified at the lengths they will go to. She then discovers that Ted Drabble, who is organizing the contest, is manipulating both of them. Julia returns to find Lily is the new doctor and potential partner. Unhappy with Heston, she contacts Ronnie to find out if she has to go along with it, only to discover that she does. Meanwhile, Ruth invites Daniel on another date, but he gives her the brush off, and she is consoled by a sympathetic Michelle.

Networks:BBC One

Genre: Soap, Drama

Casts: Lorna Laidlaw, Sarah Moyle

Last Air Date: May 29, 2019

Quality: HD

IMDb:4.2 (24 Vote)

Release: Jan 01, 1970

View: 24